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  • Personalised & Flexible Courses for Groups & Individuals
  • Industry Tailored Programs
  • 2 Hour CPR courses

Our Difference

The KISS Principle - We keep it simple

We start by following the lead of the manual “Simply First Aid” which you will receive at your course.

As we’re not teaching you surgery, we don’t need big words.

We’ll show you ways to apply first aid treatments, but more importantly we’ll encourage you to think of simple ways to achieve a desirable outcome (per ARC guidelines).


Doing Stuff is more fun....


We strive minimize the boredom of Powerpoint……..

We keep our courses dynamic, focus on the practical tasks in order to “Maximise the Doing Stuff”, by utilizing the pre-course workbook.

We do use some slides, but not as you’d expect. They are designed to hit the key points and get you to think about possibilities.

Bring your First Aid stories!

We promote a comfortable, relaxed and interactive atmosphere and there’s no better way than by sharing a few stories.

Stories of first aid related experiences from our participants can be integrated into scenarios as our courses progress.

And don’t be afraid to get the questions firing as well, Q&A’s help fine tune the outcomes.

Don’t worry if you’re a little short on stories, our trainers have quite a few to tell as well!